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I solve problems using research, design, and innovation. My work delights people by eliminating friction and fostering trust both online and off. I have cross-platform expertise ensuring that I am consistently at the forefront of technology and idea- driven experience.



Using a combination of quantitative and qualitative methods I'm able to create informed designs that resonate with users.


I'm able to effectively communicate my design intent through a number of mediums— be it doodles on paper or pixel perfect mock-ups.


I love the satisfaction of creating visually engaging renderings for my clients. I am equally skilled at directing others on how to executive effective design.


I leverage rapid and high fidelity prototyping techniques to further test my creations. This is also where my experience with animation gives me an edge when conceptualizing and incorporating motion into my work.


While I'm not a developer, my programming knowledge does come in handy while protyping and during small build outs. It also allows me to easily communicate with developers when conceptualizing larger scale projects and while conducting testing.


Whether it's A/B testing at launch or iterative testing during a scrum cycle, I know how to define and measure success against key performance indicators for each project I create.

UX Skills

Hueristic & Best Practices Evalutations

Hueristic and Best Practices Evaluations

Observational Exercizes

Observational Exercizes

Competitor Analysis

Goal Mapping and Mental Models

Web Analytics

Hueristic and Best Practices Evaluations

Mental Models

Observational Exercizes

Goal Mapping

Goal Mapping and Mental Models

Information Architecture

Hueristic and Best Practices Evaluations


Observational Exercizes

User Task Flows

Goal Mapping and Mental Models


Mobile UX design

Digital Experience Design

As the digital experience producer for Sanuk I am tasked with keeping our digital footprint on brand. This extends from our website to our DTC owned stores. Sanuk.com is our largest storefront so I take pride in crafting its visual design as well as it’s experiential appeal. I am fortunate to have the ability to experiment with new and emerging tools and pull insights from our larger sister brands under the Decker's portfolio. I created the high fidelity design composition shown here to illustrate how our homepage redesign could feature key content above the fold on smaller device screens. Contact me directly for more info on real life test case examples and specifics on our huge online wins.

UX Research

In addition to driving the digital strategy for this company, I am currently working on the launch of it’s new app. For this project I conducted UX research to inform the product design and functionality. We are currently in the prototyping phase and hope to launch in the near future. Contact me directly for more insight on this project.

UX Research
Responsive Design

Responsive Design

When I started at Sanuk the company had a desktop focused website with little attention given to the customer journey and overall shopping experience. Starting in 2012 I began the design process to fully revamp the website and roll out a responsive design. For this project I was able to give particular attention to user experience and design simplicity. I worked hand in hand with Sanuk’s marketing team as well as Deckers development team to design an experience that delivered what the brand wanted, as well as what our customers needed. The results were well worth it. Contact me directly to gain insight on the huge YOY gains achieved by making the transition.

Iterative Testing

This was a digital lookbook I created for the Fall 2013 line. This fully responsive lookbook incorporated light parallaxed scrolling events, and tied in product in fun irreverent way. When we launched, the email we sent to this page ended up being the most profitable compared to any email sent before that date.

Responsive Design
Mobile App UX Design

User Centered Approach

For this project I was tasked with rolling out the digital experience of our latest campaign NEWSANUKS. The campaign stemmed from a print concept of personified shoes paired up with cheeky hashtags. The build out I designed and developed allowed users to choose their favorite shoes, swipe through their desired hashtags and either post their creation to Facebook or save it to their device.




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